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Visit Russia

Oh The Irony

Supply and Demand


This is an article about the housing market in San Francisco and how prices have shot up with the emergence of thousands of rich people. A classic example of demand vs supply.

The Housing Market With Nowhere To Go But Up

Oz Bargain

Australia is not known as the worlds cheapest country. In fact, just the opposite. Some people say it's because we're isolated down here, some say lack of competition, high wages or cost of shipping. Others say it's because we've always just paid more for things and think it's normal. More likely it's a combination of all of these.

Sometimes we have sales but they are usually crap. SAVE 1% WITH PURCHASE OF 50 OR MORE T-SHIRTS sort of thing. Once I saw something with a SALE $20 ticket over the original price, lifted the ticket up and found that the original price was $20.

English Russia


One of my favorite websites from long ago - I forgot about it for a while, but pleased to see it is still full of wacky Russian stuff, good, bad, and odd. Mostly odd.

English Russia

Today I Found Out


A website of (mostly) daily facts and interesting stuff!

Today I Found Out

Best Pickup Lines


Reddit is a site which I heard about years ago and kept hearing about. "It's popular!", I kept hearing. The site itself looked like crap though, so I never got into it.

Years later I got bored and started reading more of it, and discovered a couple of 'subreddits' which I now read almost every day. One of these is 'Ask Reddit' and every so often it has classic threads which are informative and/or can keep one entertained for hours.

Japan Probe


Japan seems like a pretty unique place. This site probes it!

"We have created this site to act as a blog-based reservoir of information, entertainment, and news on the more interesting aspects of Japan. Some of the material we post will be of our own original creation, and some of it will be submitted by others or linked from other sites on the net."

Japan Probe

NASA Studies Napping


When I come across these types of articles I like to post them on the message board at work. And here's a study on naps by NASA! Who can argue with NASA?!

via Priceonomics

Utilite Computers


Here's another tiny ARM computer with pretty good specs for a reasonable price, much like the CuBox posted about some months ago.

Utilite Computers


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