Late Night Shopping


The Great Socialist State of Australia has graciously allowed it's citizens ONE night per week where they may purchase needed goods and services outside of the normal shopping hours of 8am-5pm (otherwise known as WHEN EVERYONE IS NORMALLY AT WORK). Unless you are a liquor store or pub then you may be open very late.

All I wanted was a hair cut. I waited patiently all week for the great late night shopping night - the one night in Australia where retail shops are allowed to be open past 5pm. So I go straight after work and there's a huge line at the barber. So I shop a little, I have dinner, I wait. Nope, almost closing time, and there's still a few people waiting. No chance of a hair cut this week.

Every other night come 5pm everything closes. Two blocks away is a train station where thousands of commuters exit only to walk past darkened stores every night (except Thursdays). I really don't get it.

It's as if this law was designed to make people go home to their families. And drink, apparently, because as mentioned the liqour stores are open really late. 

Perhaps I will just have to call in sick to work to have a hope of getting to the barber when it's actually open and there's not crowds of people. 

​For the moment, I guess I'll just have a drink.