We're Open!


While it is pretty depressing not being able to get what you want, when you want it (see my previous post about things not being open), there are a few businesses open in Australia past 5pm, and not just on Thursdays. 

I was deliriously happy to learn that most supermarkets are actually open until 9pm every week day. Amazing! I had actually never even bothered trying to buy groceries after 5pm before because I assumed they also closed at 5 (reading the little 'hours of operation' signs by the entrances provided this exciting information).

Liquor stores are open very late. I am not sure of their hours, but it seems they're open to 10 or 11pm. Many bars are open to at least midnight (some never close). Restraurants, fast food places, convienince stores, gas stations. Office Works, one of my favorite stores is open until 8 every week day. Also recently I discovered Big W is open until 7 or 7.30pm weekdays also. This is an extremely convienient store for those random items you desperately need before Thursdays and are unable to purchase at the grocery store, gas station or local McDonalds.

Recent efforts to change the laws in Queensland to allow shops to be open later met with resistance and were denied. Reasons offered were the usual such as 'increased competition for smaller retailers', 'excess wages needing to be paid for employees over time', old people saying '8am-5pm is perfectly fine for us and there's no need for anything to be open later because it's dark then and we go to bed at 6 anyway' and 'less family drinking time'. 

Retail stores are open in weekends, usually between 9am to 5pm Saturdays and 10am to 4pm Sundays (the Lords day of rest). If it's raining every shop is packed and it's like Thursday night all over again, but if the weather is night many Australians prefer to be drunk outdoors instead of staying in, and if you're not stuck working you can usually get what you need done.