Oz Bargain

Australia is not known as the worlds cheapest country. In fact, just the opposite. Some people say it's because we're isolated down here, some say lack of competition, high wages or cost of shipping. Others say it's because we've always just paid more for things and think it's normal. More likely it's a combination of all of these.

Sometimes we have sales but they are usually crap. SAVE 1% WITH PURCHASE OF 50 OR MORE T-SHIRTS sort of thing. Once I saw something with a SALE $20 ticket over the original price, lifted the ticket up and found that the original price was $20.

But anyway, I found this website, signed up for it's daily email, and was happily surprised at some of the things they offer as 'bargains'.

There's still some silly stuff on there and things which don't really qualify as bargains except in the most Australian of terms, but every so often there is something. For example, I brought an Intel NUC with 4 Gb of RAM and a wireless card for $200. Not too bad. It was a Celeron model but saved at least $100 with the RAM and wireless included.

So anyway, if you're in Australia and like bargains, it might be worth a look

Oz Bargains