Violent Scots


While you hear a lot about the crazy violent stuff that happens in the USA, I did find it slightly remarkable that during my 12 years there very few people I knew seemed to get beaten up. Growing up in New Zealand, beatings were pretty normal. The town I used to live in featured at least one or two big fights in the town square on a Friday and Saturday night. The police would stand around and watch for a while before breaking it up.

Here in Australia, fights are also pretty common. I worked a night job in the city for a while, and Wednesday and Thursday nights would guarantee an ambulance or two appearing because some drunks argued over who looked at who wrongly or something equally lame. We didn't work Friday or Saturday nights simply because of the drunks.

So while not happy that Scotland, a country most think of as lovely and pretty and all that stuff (along with New Zealand, really) has been named as the most violent country in the developed world (along with NZ 3rd or 4th), I'm at least relieved to see I wasn't imaging the frequent beatings in New Zealand or somehow being the only one attracting them.

"Scotland has been named the most violent country in the developed world by a United Nations report."

"Both Australia and New Zealand had the next highest proportion of assaults among their population at 2.4%, exactly double the level reported for the United States."

via BBC News