Calm Down


When you need it, you need it.

"Man steals 'calming' tea from adult store in Mackay, threatens staff with brick"



Died Happy

Lost in Translation


I took Russian for a few years about a decade ago, and was impressed with the details the language gives for certain things - such as motion. For example, instead of just saying someone arrived, one often uses the verb indicating the manner in which they arrived - by walking, car, or flying.


7 Cups of Tea


Stumbling around the internet I came across this site.

"Need someone to talk to? Take a look at our community of listeners and online therapists and find the right someone for you to talk to."

I am not sure if blurting out your secrets to anonymous strangers is a good idea, but in theory, it sounds like it could be useful. With no other options or if you're short on cash, perhaps it's the thing you need?




The other day I had to make a quick map of the inside of a building, and rather than forcing my poor drawing skills on the people who needed the map, I decided to look for any free charting applications or sites. I remember trying to do this years ago and I found mostly crap. Luckily time marches on and things improve, and I found, which did what I needed easily and with no fuss right in the web browser! So thanks,!




If you like storms, and really, who doesn't? you might like the photos from this site. Taken by a guy a used to work with around Kearney, Nebraska.


Visit Russia


Visit Russia


Oh The Irony

Supply and Demand


This is an article about the housing market in San Francisco and how prices have shot up with the emergence of thousands of rich people. A classic example of demand vs supply.

The Housing Market With Nowhere To Go But Up


Oz Bargain

Australia is not known as the worlds cheapest country. In fact, just the opposite. Some people say it's because we're isolated down here, some say lack of competition, high wages or cost of shipping. Others say it's because we've always just paid more for things and think it's normal. More likely it's a combination of all of these.

Sometimes we have sales but they are usually crap. SAVE 1% WITH PURCHASE OF 50 OR MORE T-SHIRTS sort of thing. Once I saw something with a SALE $20 ticket over the original price, lifted the ticket up and found that the original price was $20.



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