Puppies + Parks


I'll take the dogs to the park, I thought. It'll be a great time I thought. 30 seconds off their leash and straight into the mud. 


Republican Jesus


I lived in the US a long time and while I made some head way into understanding the republican point of view on a lot of things, even to the point where I agree with some of them and find some liberal view points a bit excessive now, I never understood how conservatives could also be religious. I mean, could Jesus not be more clear about his teachings concerning the poor and the sick? I'm still a little baffled today by the whole thing, but I try to remain open minded in the hopes that one day I'll understand.  



Shooting Alarm Clock


Having trouble getting out of bed? How about an alarm clock you have to shoot before it turns off ...  


The Olden Days


"The olden days" always seemed like something that wasn't really real, as if these were just stories my grand parents told rather than things they actually lived through. Now that I'm getting older and have a young daughter myself, I am wondering what sorts of things she will find unusual about my life when I was young.Surely there's a whole lot of things, such as life before the internet that she would have trouble comprehending. Corded phones, dial-up modems .....


Yard Ibis


This bird was in my yard the other morning. When I feed my birds I throw their left over food onto the lawn. Usually theres a flock of pidgeons waiting eagerly but every so often there is an Ibis (maybe even the same one) there too :)


McDonalds Employee Budget in Australia


This is kind of interesting - a comparison of how well off a McDonalds food worker is in Australia compared to the US.

via LifeHacker Australia

The main thing I noticed is if you're over 21, it's unlikely any McDonalds would hire you here, so you'd go back onto the welfare earning $1,000 a month while looking for another job.


Buddha Boy on Discovery

"In 2006, Discovery Channel showed a 45-minute documentary titled The Boy With Divine Powers. One of the aims was to establish whether Ram was indeed abstaining from all sustenance, water included, by filming him continuously for four days and nights. On their first attempt, in January 2006, the film crew was required to stay outside a guarded barbed-wire fence, and their camera’s infrared capabilities did not pick up evidence of a body at the base of the tree where Bomjon sat during their non-stop recording.


Lettuce Picking Robots

And the robots continue replacing us ...

Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes

"SALINAS, Calif. (AP) — On a windy morning in California's Salinas Valley, a tractor pulled a wheeled, metal contraption over rows of budding iceberg lettuce plants. Engineers from Silicon Valley tinkered with the software on a laptop to ensure the machine was eliminating the right leafy buds."


Home Dine


This seems like a good idea - HomeDine, in the fashion of AirBNB. When you're too lazy too cook but don't want to go to a restaurant or just want to try something different (via TechCrunch)


Uh oh

They've built a Terminator.

"DARPA and Boston Dynamics, of BigDog, Petman, and Cheetah fame, have unveiled their most advanced humanoid robot yet: Atlas."




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