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Bang good


There's a few cheap online Chinese shopping sites appeared recently, selling all kinds of random stuff. Sort of like a Chinese online Walmart. I've brought a few things from some of them and haven't had any issues so far.

I've brought computer components (RAM and CPU's), some bird toys which were OK but not super durable (they were quite cheap, so can't expect too much).

Shipping can take a while, several weeks or more depending where you live.

I have noticed that some products on eBay can come from China (maybe even these exact stores) if you're not careful. Some even slip through the 'only from X location' filter which is annoying if you want something shipped quickly and you don't catch it before buying.

Mostly I just like looking for unique and imaginative products. And I might consider buying more ordinary items such as light bulbs which I figure are probably the same quality as anywhere as long as I don't need them in a hurry.

Here's one of my favorite sites - it has a good selection of products but the name also makes me giggle.

Bang Good

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