Calm Down


When you need it, you need it.

"Man steals 'calming' tea from adult store in Mackay, threatens staff with brick"



Oz Bargain

Australia is not known as the worlds cheapest country. In fact, just the opposite. Some people say it's because we're isolated down here, some say lack of competition, high wages or cost of shipping. Others say it's because we've always just paid more for things and think it's normal. More likely it's a combination of all of these.

Sometimes we have sales but they are usually crap. SAVE 1% WITH PURCHASE OF 50 OR MORE T-SHIRTS sort of thing. Once I saw something with a SALE $20 ticket over the original price, lifted the ticket up and found that the original price was $20.


We're Open!


While it is pretty depressing not being able to get what you want, when you want it (see my previous post about things not being open), there are a few businesses open in Australia past 5pm, and not just on Thursdays. 

I was deliriously happy to learn that most supermarkets are actually open until 9pm every week day. Amazing! I had actually never even bothered trying to buy groceries after 5pm before because I assumed they also closed at 5 (reading the little 'hours of operation' signs by the entrances provided this exciting information).


Late Night Shopping


The Great Socialist State of Australia has graciously allowed it's citizens ONE night per week where they may purchase needed goods and services outside of the normal shopping hours of 8am-5pm (otherwise known as WHEN EVERYONE IS NORMALLY AT WORK). Unless you are a liquor store or pub then you may be open very late.


Down the Local

pub, fun

Seen down the local pub. I don't know what happened but it looks like some fun was had. 


Yard Ibis


This bird was in my yard the other morning. When I feed my birds I throw their left over food onto the lawn. Usually theres a flock of pidgeons waiting eagerly but every so often there is an Ibis (maybe even the same one) there too :)


McDonalds Employee Budget in Australia


This is kind of interesting - a comparison of how well off a McDonalds food worker is in Australia compared to the US.

via LifeHacker Australia

The main thing I noticed is if you're over 21, it's unlikely any McDonalds would hire you here, so you'd go back onto the welfare earning $1,000 a month while looking for another job.

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