Crowd Supply


I'm not quite sure what this is.

Crowd Supply

It looks cool. It sounds cool. It has pretty pictures. But what do they do exacltly?

"Crowd Supply is how engineers and designers create great products on their own terms."

That doesn't really help.

Usually when I encounter a vague description of a company on their official website, I turn to Wikipedia which usually offers a few more details about what the company actually does. In this case searching Wikipedia for 'crowd supply' didn't help much.


We're Open!


While it is pretty depressing not being able to get what you want, when you want it (see my previous post about things not being open), there are a few businesses open in Australia past 5pm, and not just on Thursdays. 

I was deliriously happy to learn that most supermarkets are actually open until 9pm every week day. Amazing! I had actually never even bothered trying to buy groceries after 5pm before because I assumed they also closed at 5 (reading the little 'hours of operation' signs by the entrances provided this exciting information).

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