Drone Control


Ah, the future. What a wonderful place to live.

These types of headlines are only going to get more common.

Triathlete injured as drone filming race falls to ground

"The filming drone was hovering above competitors in Geraldton's Endure Batavia Triathlon about 9:00am on Sunday when the operator lost control.

It dropped about 10 metres, and competitor Raija Ogden says it hit her.


Warp Drive

Just reading that actual scientists are trying to build miniture space warp drives in their labs is pants wettingly exciting. 

"Dr. White and his team of researchers have set up a miniature version of the warp drive in their labs, attempting to create small warps in space and time. While certainly on a far smaller scale, White’s work may be the beginning of real-life warp drive." via ExtremeTech

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